Sublime Visions

Sublime Visions is a collection of fine art photographs, portraits, stories and interviews about the leading people who have paved the way, or are currently making advances in the field of psychedelics as therapeutic medicines. Sublime Visions' mission is to unveil the humanistic side of psychedelic medicines, to be an approachable and identifiable source of information that builds greater awareness of advances in the reputable use of psychedelics in medicine, art and education.




In its final form; this project will be a book, an exhibition, a film, a web, and social media presence all aimed at a general audience. As an artistic creation, it will resonate emotionally with the audience, while carrying the weight of credible, up to date information. The photography will be a finely crafted collection of environmental portraits and detail oriented ethnographic photographs of each participant.

By visiting the living and working environments of the participants, thus sharing their personal story; we gain a greater understanding of who they are, what their values and morals are and what motivates them. We will see with our own eyes how each person has integrated their work in their lives. Once we are able to see and understand a person; it becomes easier to trust the work that they are doing.

The photographs, stories and inverviews will allow each viewer to personally discover the people working with the medicines, and will show a glimpse into the essence that makes each individual unique and principled.

The Story & Subjects

Sublime Visions engages the leading chemists, doctors, therapists and visionaries who are actively working with psychedelics as contemporary therapeutic medicines to inspire and facilitate deep healing processes. The mission of this multi­platform project is to unveil the personal side of psychedelic medicines, and to be an approachable and identifiable source of information that builds greater awareness of advances in the reputable use of psychedelics in medicine, art and education.

Already, we have had the honor to visit with a few extraordinary, kind, open and accomplished people who have been gracious in inviting us into their homes and hearts; and have promised agreements for future visits with more.




Alexandar ‘Sasha’ Shulgin, Ph.D. — an American Medicinal Chemist, Biochemist, Pharmacologist, Psychopharmacologist and Author.

Dr. Sasha Shulgin began studying organic chemistry as a Harvard university student at the age of 16, and went on to earn his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California Berkeley in 1954. He has a vast lifetime of accomplishments, studies and publications, including receiving several awards from the DEA. Sasha and his wife Ann Shulgin authored the books PIHKAL and TIHKAL, which have become guides of psychoactive drugs for an entire generation. Sasha is credited with introducing MDMA (Ecstasy) to psychologists in the late 1970’s for psychopharmaceutical use, and due in part to his extensive work in the field of psychedelic research and the rational drug design of psychedelic drugs, he is considered the 'Godfather of Psychedelics'.

(Since Dr. Sasha Shulgin is deceased, this part of the project will be documented in a unique special way)


Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. — Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Writer, Professor and Researcher.

Dr. Metzer earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from Harvard where he also participated in psychedelic research in the early 1960’s with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (Ram Dass). He is a Professor Emeritus at the California Institute of Integral Studies, is the co­founder and President of the Green Earth Foundation, and is a consciousness researcher of over 45 years devoted to healing and harmonizing the relationship between humans and the Earth.


Richard M. Wolfe — Media Executive, Electrical Engineer, Policy Maker and Board Member.

Richard is a Harvard Business School graduate and Media Executive who was the primary facilitator in the decriminalization of marijuana in Ohio. He is a board member at the Heffter Research Institute and of the LA chapter of the Association of Satellite Professionals, Past vice chairman of the Engineering Committee of the Association of Maximum Service Television, (MSTV) Washington, DC and holds an FCC First Class Operators license. Richard is an policy maker and advocate in the movement for psychedelic research.




Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D. — a Psychiatrist, Professor, Researcher and Founder.

Dr. Stanislav Grof received his M.D. from Charles University in Prague and his Ph.D. in medicine at the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences. In 1967, he was invited as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Grof is known for his early studies of LSD psychedelic therapy, and following the suppression of legal LSD use in the late 1960s, he went on to develop "Holotropic Breathwork". Dr. Grof is one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology and a researcher into the use of non­ordinary states of consciousness for purposes of exploring, healing, and obtaining growth and insights into the human psyche.


James Fadiman, Ph.D. — Psychologist, Writer, Psychedelic Researcher and Institute Founder.

Dr. Fadiman earned his BA from Harvard, as well as earning his Masters and his Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University. He is co-founder of the Sofia University, and is well known for his work in psychedelic research since the 1960’s including his current research of micro-dosing with LSD. In his guide to effects of psychedelic use for spiritual (high dose), therapeutic (moderate dose), and problem-solving (low dose) purposes, Dr. Fadiman outlines best practices for safe, sacred entheogenic voyages.


Rick Doblin, Ph.D. — Public Policy Expert, MAPS Founder and Executive Director.

Dr. Doblin earned his doctorate from Harvard University in 2001. Among many accomplishments, he conducted a thirty­four year follow­up study to Timothy Leary’s Concord Prison Experiment, was among the first to be certified as a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner under Dr. Stanislav Grof, and is the founder and Executive Director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) where he is dedicated to making MDMA an FDA approved medicine.

and many more to come...

Photo Gallery

Dr. Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin's
home laboratory

Dr. Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin's
home laboratory

Dr. Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin's
home laboratory

Ralph Metzner's portrait

Ralph Metzner's home

Ralph Metzner's home detail

Richard Wolfe's portrait

Richard Wolfer's home

Richard Wolfe's home detail

geneva shanti

The Photographer & Producer

Geneva Bumb Shanti has been dedicated to the art and science of photography for over 20 years. Visual ethnography and the psychology of interpersonal relationships are her two main sources of inspiration. Shanti is motivated by a desire to engage and inspire her audience into personal action. She has gained a strong reputation as a professional and fine art photographer, specializing in fine art, documentary and environmental portraiture.

Shanti is a San Francisco Art Institute and Brooks Institute of Photography graduate, and has received several awards and grants in her career.  She has also associate produced six major publications and their accompanying exhibitions with world renowned photographers Susan Middleton and David Liittschwager with over 16 years of collaborations with them.  Her uniquely touching photographs have been published and collected in commercial and fine art throughout the world.  She also teaches and leads photography workshops, helping others understand their tools while refining their visual language. She resides in Sonoma County.


The Team


Daniel Garcia was born in Guatemala in the 80´s during the boom in digital art, and he has always been drawn to digital media and its limitless capabilities. Since a very early age, he was exposed to the creative communication, seeing as his father was a creative director for an international advertising firm. This had a huge effect on him as an individual, and as an artist. He is now truly, a multi-modality artist, focusing on music, film, and photography. His intention is to serve other artists and to help them expand and grow through communicating the essence of what they are, and mean to say to their audience.


Bobby Lee is the Principal Designer at Tokay Artwear and Post Production Editor & founding member at A2B IMAGING. Being a passionate photographer, he has gained extensive skills and knowledge through his studies and education in multiple areas of the art and production world. Each project that Bobby Lee takes on consists of multiple works often in a range of media grouped around specific themes and media and often introduces new interests leading to the next body of work.